How to Select a Certified Microsoft Teams Contact Centre

Microsoft Teams has rapidly become one of the most popular tools for communication and collaboration in the modern world. Powering the shift to hybrid and remote work, Teams brings staff together in multiple distributed environments, to ensure productivity and efficiency.

With Microsoft Teams, you can build a custom hub for work, complete with all the applications and tools required to keep your brand ahead of the competition. Already, countless organisations have made the shift to Microsoft Teams for their UCaaS strategy. Now, many are considering the benefits of adding their Contact Centre functionality to the Teams mix too.

The easiest way to implement the various features you need for CX into Microsoft Teams is by working with a partner who can deliver a solution from the Connected Contact Centre program. The question is, which certified solution do you choose?

1.   Start with a Reputable Microsoft Partner

The first step in finding a Microsoft Teams Contact Centre solution you can trust is finding a business with a long-standing connection to the Microsoft ecosystem. Certified Microsoft Partners in the Microsoft landscape have proven their ability to assist various businesses in migrating to the cloud and getting the best out of Microsoft Teams.

Check to ensure the vendor you’re choosing for your Microsoft Teams Contact Centre is “certified” with Teams, and approved as a reputable solution provider. It’s worth looking for companies with significant experience in their field too. For instance, Resonate has supported over 500,000 users across over 100 countries in leveraging the power of Teams.

2.   Know Your Must-Have Features

Once you’ve found a partner you can trust. the next step is identifying your required features. Different Contact Centre vendors within the Microsoft partner ecosystem can offer various solutions to customers. You might need:

  • Omnichannel communications: As today’s customers connect with companies across a range of channels, it’s important to ensure you can track contextual discussions from one stage of the buyer cycle to the next, via text, video, voice, and more.
  • Advanced routing: Being able to send your customers to the right agent equipped to handle their issues is a great way to reduce the risk of endless call transfers, and improve customer satisfaction rates. Advanced routing is essential in today’s CX space.
  • Analytics: In-depth insights into your contact centre metrics, the performance of your team, and the journeys of your customers will help you to make more intelligent decisions about how to grow your company.
  • Recording: Compliant recording capabilities are a must-have for companies across a range of industries. Make sure you’re equipped to collect the data you need to store securely and efficiently across channels.
  • Attendant Console: An Attendant Console can help you transfer callers more professionally and efficiently across your business landscape, to simplify the customer journey.

Your Partner, will understand the available vendor solutions, their licensing and understand your requirements so can help you with your selection of a cost-effective Microsoft ‘Connected Contact Centre’ vendor.

3.   Prioritise Exceptional Support

Transitioning into a new Contact Centre environment can come with a multitude of challenges. Working with a partner capable of helping you navigate those issues can save you a lot of time, and some significant expense. Your partner, as well as helping you select your Contact Centre vendor, should be able to help you set up essential phone numbers for team members, manage inbound calls, and take advantage of all the features you can unlock with the power of Microsoft Teams Phone.

The best Contact Centre partners will be able to help you leverage and extend the Contact Centre selected using Microsoft features like the Power Platform, to simplify the use of Microsoft Teams for your employees. For instance, you could ask your vendor to create an app where you can integrate your Contact Centre into your chosen CRM or trigger an after-call survey. This means you can build the ultimate Contact Centre for your needs, on your terms.

4.   Ensure Flexibility and Agility

The best-certified Contact Centre solution for Microsoft Teams should be agile enough to evolve with your business. One of the biggest advantages of shifting your Contact Centre into Teams today is the ability to leverage the scalability and flexibility of the cloud. The Teams environment makes it easy to provision new users and access features as needed while keeping costs low.

A good Contact Centre solution will scale according to your needs. and allow you to pay for only the queues or agents you need, and add features to your ecosystem as your company grows.

More importantly, the support you’ll get from a partner ensures your IT team doesn’t have to handle anything. You can get expert service to ensure everything is always up-to-date and running smoothly.

The right vendor can even transform your Teams environment into a single pane of glass for all your business needs, with integrations to the tools your staff members use every day.

5.   Look for Innovators

Truly transformational Microsoft Contact Centre solution providers will be able to take full advantage of the latest functionality and tools offered by the Teams platform. Whether you’re using Anywhere 365 to manage multiple channel dialogues, CRM and collaboration tools in one space, or you would like to experience the ease and responsiveness of Luware Nimbus Intelligent Routing and Contact Centre products built natively within Teams, your partner should be there to assist you.

Looking for Microsoft-certified partners who have experience working with multiple vendors and who can add or extend the core application functionality with the Power Platform, is a great way to stay one step of the competition with your CX solution. These vendors can even help you to implement AI and other solutions to boost the efficiency of your workforce.

Even if you don’t need innovative tools now, working with a pioneering partner in the Microsoft Teams Contact Centre space will prepare you for the future.

Choosing your Certified Teams Contact Centre

As the Microsoft Teams ecosystem becomes a more consistent part of the communication strategy for countless companies, the demand for Contact Centre solutions is greater than ever. With fast-track services, exceptional experience, and innovative tools, Resonate can help you to transform your business with Microsoft Teams. Get in touch to learn more.

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