Resonate’s Delivery Work Effort Calculator

Resonate’s Delivery Work Effort Calculator is a classic example of how a simple Teams-based app can save time and money. As it does not consume any data to run, it doesn’t require any additional Microsoft licensing to operate.  What the app does is calculate the resources needed for repeatable projects where there is a key variable, such as the number of employees or the number of agents needed for a call centre.

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Replacing Spreadsheets

Before this app was introduced, these types of calculations were made using spreadsheets, with a different spreadsheet loaded with all the parameters for each scenario. These were time-consuming to maintain and update, and a fresh one was needed for every new use case. Our app unifies all these calculations in one easy-to-use app and, as it ‘lives’ in Teams, it’s easy to find and is always up to date. 

When scenarios change due to, let’s say, new technology making a use case easier to deliver, the parameters can be quickly updated and made available for all Resonate employees to use. Similarly, when a new use case emerges, it can be quickly added to the drop-down options.

Work Effort Calculations in Action

Let’s take an example use case to illustrate the calculator in action. If the requirement is for a Resonate Contact Centre, the key variable is the number of agents required. 


Simply select the number of agents and the calculator outputs the number of Project Management and Design Engineer hours required. 


Screenshot from Resonate demo environment

Wide range of Use Cases

The calculator is populated with a wide range of different use cases. Simply select the one required and identify the variable for the project.


These use cases are all focused on Resonate’s core business engagement around Microsoft Teams, Adoption, Call Centres and Enterprise Voice / Direct Routing. However, it certainly isn’t limited to these scenarios.

Adaptable and Configurable

The tool can easily be updated to meet other requirements and use cases. If more variables are required, these can be added to the console. 

The calculator could also output projected costs, based on the resources selected. So, if for example, a company worked in construction, the app could be built around specific building projects, or elements of a build such as power usage, number of desks for an office or car parking requirements. The options are endless.

Contact Resonate for Bespoke Calculators

if you have a requirement for your own Work Effort Calculator configured to your own specific needs, or if this handy app has inspired you to think of a different type of calculator that could be made to better suit your own business, please contact Resonate. 

The Resonate Delivery Work Effort Calculator demonstrates how time and effort can be streamlined into a readily available Teams-based app. There are almost no limitations. Power Apps can be built to support just about any use case or business requirement, no matter how simple or complicated it happens to be.

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