A message from our CEO

Today, we are sharing some incredibly exciting news.  

We started Resonate officially in 2015, but in reality, we have been working on the idea of Resonate since around 2011.  It was then that we saw the potential of Unified Communications and Collaboration as a game-changer for business.  And as we built our expertise it became clear that we were on the right track.

We also saw the opportunity to create a special environment for the people who joined us. We believed then – and continue to believe today – that if you create the right environment, people can achieve even more than they dreamed.  

That journey has been full of exciting times. Hiring the first employees of the company. Winning those first big customers, starting our amazing business in Slovakia, and establishing subsidiaries in the Netherlands, USA, and India.  

What we have achieved together so far is nothing short of amazing.  Our company grows at 25% a year, we have incredible customers, and the services we provide truly help those customers transform their businesses.  We have created a culture that we are proud of. From a personal perspective, I deeply appreciate that I have the opportunity to take a career’s worth of experience and apply that to building this business with each of you.

This is also a humbling experience. Each of our employees who joined a small company took a leap of faith. We remain mindful of that decision they took and our responsibility to live up to our commitments to them.  And it is that commitment that animates us every day when making decisions and mapping out the future of the company.  

I am extremely proud of the decisions we have made, including today’s announcement of our acquisition by SCC.

SCC has amazing customers that make it a great marriage for Resonate.  This helps Resonate to grow rapidly.  Equally, when you consider Resonate’s customers, there is so much great opportunity to provide them with a wide range of products and services from SCC and its family of subsidiaries.  Ultimately, this is a win for Resonate, for SCC, and for all of our customers!                                               

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