Resonate is now a Microsoft Solutions Partner for Business Applications

Resonate, a leading technology company, focused on helping businesses unlock the ROI of their Microsoft investments, recently earned a new Microsoft Partner certification. The team is now recognised by Microsoft as an official Microsoft Solutions Partner for Business Applications.

This builds on Resonate’s long-standing relationship with Microsoft, and its existing accreditations and specialisations for Modern Work, Calling and Adoption & Change Management.

Resonate’s team began exploring opportunities to develop custom apps for Microsoft clients following the successful launch of the MS Power Platform, which placed a world of custom apps, flows, and integrations at the fingertips of its users. Resonate, helps its clients to adopt the Power Platform and also leverages this technology on behalf of companies that lack resources or capabilities to deliver internally.

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Unlocking the Potential of the Power Platform

Since its launch, the Microsoft Power Platform has emerged as a valuable and versatile solution for custom app and workflow development in the Microsoft ecosystem. However, while this solution helps to simplify development processes, it still requires a certain level of technical expertise. 

Though users need minimal coding knowledge, they often still need support to ensure they’re accessing the full power of the technology in the most efficient, and secure way possible. As the CTO of Resonate, Am Bhooi explains: 

“We were quick off the mark, forming an app dev team to meet the growing demand for solutions that integrate with the Microsoft UC stack that enable automation, real-world use of AI, integration with third-party systems, and the implementation of cutting-edge analytics as well as predictive capabilities to overcome customer challenges and enhance productivity.”

Earning Recognition and Approval from Microsoft

For years, Resonate has stood as a leading Microsoft partner, having delivered UCC solutions to companies in more than 100 countries and assisting clients with the integration and enhancement of legacy voice technology, offering everything from Teams-certified contact centre solutions, to change and adoption programmes to Microsoft Teams Rooms.

Since launching in 2015, as a Microsoft voice specialist, Resonate has continued to look for new ways to support its diverse clientele. The Business Applications designation recognises Resonate as a leader in driving customer success in app development.

To achieve the designation, Resonate was required to demonstrate a customer-centric approach to app development, as well as a dedication to supporting clients with their implementation and use of MS Power Platform applications.

Understanding Microsoft Solution Partners

As one of the world’s most flexible technology brands, Microsoft is committed to working alongside other partners and vendors in a range of innovative ways to support end users. A Microsoft solutions partner is differentiated by their broad technical capabilities, commitment to skilling and training, and proven ability to successfully deliver solutions for customers in specific Microsoft cloud areas. 

Solution partners like Resonate are required to validate their skills, capabilities, and extensive experience in helping clients achieve their Microsoft tech stack goals. Each “partner” designation comes with specific requirements for certain levels of technical expertise and proficiency using solutions in the Microsoft cloud ecosystem. 

Resonate has demonstrated ongoing success in the development of custom apps built with the Power Platform stack. The company not only helps organizations unlock the full power of the low-code and no-code building tools offered by Microsoft. It also creates custom solutions for voice management, call queue and auto attendant technology, and more. 

Resonate demonstrated its capabilities even further, by passing technical exams and highlighting the results it has achieved for clients, with references from satisfied customers, and case studies. The company also met Microsoft’s specific standards for business and financial performance metrics.

Resonate’s Ongoing Journey in Microsoft App Development

Aside from speeding up the development of Resonate’s existing “Teams Voice Management” product, the App Development team has partnered with various customers on their own unique requirements. 

Using Power Platform, Resonate has automated workflows and created apps to solve a range of challenges. This includes creating a vehicle reservation solution in the transport sector, helping improve, repair, and automate Diabetes UK’s user stories process, and providing Page Group with intuitive analytics and insights to assess global office utilisation. 

Vladimir Chladny, the Head of Software Development at Resonate said: 

“In tandem with creating bespoke and customized solutions for our clients, our focus is also on nurturing our distinctive software product portfolio. We’ll continue to build on and enhance solutions like the Resonate Voice Management platform and have already established an agile product development practice. By seamlessly amalgamating traditional software development solutions with the Power Platform and low-code methodologies, we’re unlocking new levels of efficiency.”

Earning the Microsoft Solutions Partner designation for Business Applications highlights and affirms the company’s successful trajectory in the landscape and its dedication to delivering excellence to all clients in the Microsoft community. 

App Development Support from a Microsoft Pioneer

With years of experience as a successful solutions partner for Microsoft, Resonate has helped countless companies unlock and increase the ROI of their technology stacks. If your business needs support integrating data, streamlining processes, and unifying teams in the modern world, a Microsoft Solutions Partner for Business Applications could be a valuable resource. 

Partners like Resonate have demonstrated a clear and consistent ability to solve business challenges by utilising tools such as the Microsoft Power Platform, CoPilot, and Azure Communication Services. They ensure customers from all environments can effectively navigate and leverage the full power of Microsoft’s ecosystem.

Additionally, companies like Resonate offer a flexible approach to app development, working hand-in-hand with customers to create apps and workflows that solve their unique challenges. Already, Resonate has proven its value as a provider of solutions for Microsoft Teams voice management. Now, they’re branching further, offering clients app development discovery sessions and innovation days to help them understand how to get the most out of low code development.

Learn more about the support that Resonate can offer as a designated Microsoft Solutions Partner for Business Applications.                                                                   

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