Microsoft Teams Rooms Strategy for Enterprises

Our client, a multinational food manufacturing organisation, had embarked on a global Microsoft Teams Rooms rollout, but a negative end-user experience early in the programme led to high-level business escalation, and the project was put on hold until Resonate was brought in.


Due to poor user experience and escalation, our client put the brakes on their global 300-room Microsoft Teams Rooms (MTR) deployment. Their digital workplace team decided that they needed to reassess their global strategy to see if MTR and the current vendor were going to be the right solution for them.


Having previously delivered successful transformation projects for the client, Resonate was brought in as a ‘subject matter expert’ to provide advice on why the deployment was not working and to recommend a new approach.

Utilising Resonate's expertise, an approach was created based on published ‘room standards’ which ensured that both the ‘technology’ and ‘room’ worked together to produce results. This meant the project would be a joint approach between IT and facilities, to ensure that the kit matched the space.


  • At the time of publishing, 30 rooms had been delivered with improved user experience and increased room utilisation.
  • In addition, MTR was confirmed as the correct strategy and the rollout was restarted and expanded from the original 300 rooms to 1,200 rooms worldwide and Facilities & IT are now working together on the rollout.
  • Resonate’s expertise in both technology and room architecture enabled a holistic approach to address the client’s challenges.


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