Teams Voice Tooling Case Study

Resonate deployed its Teams Voice Tooling solutions into a Global Energy company with 910 sites, across 74 countries. The key aims were to achieve a more efficient and cost-efficient solution with the flexibility to adapt easily to whatever the future may bring…

Business Challenge

Any project of this scale presents a particular set of challenges. For a start, we needed to serve over 100k users across multiple voice technologies, while keeping pace with the usual joiners, movers and leavers merry-go-round.

Hundreds of workflows would need to be migrated from a contact centre solution to Teams Call Queue and Auto Attendant, while the frequent change requirements needed to be managed efficiently and effortlessly.

Then, bearing in mind the new trend for hybrid working across the globe that has resulted from the pandemic, a ‘troubleshooting’ service was needed for Teams Voice for the increasing number of employees working in remote locations.


First, the Resonate Teams Voice Management solution was customised to support our client’s mixed voice topology. That made it perfectly suited to help with the migration to Teams Voice. It also ensured that users remained compliant with the increasingly stringent legal and regulatory rules concerning voice.

Adding to that capability, the Call Queue and Auto Attendant Manager app gave managers at all 910 sites the opportunity to customise their workflows with full potential for global reporting. At the same time, the Voice Quality and Insights app monitored the voice calling quality, providing the Voice Operations Team with end-to-end visibility to enable them to assess how well the new solution was performing at any given time.


  • £500K per year savings with no more need for a manual Joiners, Movers, Leavers team
  • £150K per year savings on contact centre licensing
  • Reduction in business risk with new levels of legal and regulatory compliance
  • 8% of avoidable issues were resolved before escalation
  • 10% improvement in call quality, measured through Teams user feedback
  • ‘Improved experience’ reported by site managers

Find out more by watching our voice tooling demo videos here.

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