Resonate Launch

A New Era...

Hi everyone, welcome to the first Resonate blog!

We have so many topics to talk to you about and we can’t wait to share some of our insights from the world of Unified Communications Collaboration gained over the last 10 years.

But first we should introduce ourselves...

We are Resonate – A team of experts in Unified Communications Collaboration. We built that expertise by leading the delivery of the largest and most advanced Lync/Skype for Business Enterprise Voice solution in the industry (to date).

In doing so, we’ve worked alongside many industry experts and developed solid relationships with them.

Resonate is all about bringing value, expertise and those relationships together for our customers. We enable our customers to achieve massive cost savings. We focus on driving solutions to achieve the removal of legacy PBX equipment so that your company can be truly mobile, efficient and cost effective.

And we are passionate about technology and the potential not only to save our customers money, but to help them transform their businesses.

This is more than a business opportunity. The team at Resonate have been part of an ever-evolving landscape over the years. Now we find ourselves with the opportunity to shape the way our industry embraces UCC. We are excited to have the chance to influence the evolution of the technology and the industry.

We work to ensure that customers can confidently adopt UCC Solutions and migrate to a single, IP based IT infrastructure for all their applications.

So, come with us on this journey, we will be issuing a series of blogs based on our experiences and we welcome your feedback or questions.

Resonate – Connect to a New Era!

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