Is that Voice for Teams you can hear calling you?

Why Voice for Teams? 

Many companies currently have a split between their voice platform and business systems. Voice will often reside on legacy PBX technology, sometimes cloud-based but often on-premise, poorly integrated into the organisation’s other communications systems.

If that sounds like your business, Resonate can help you bring all your business communications together onto modern cloud-based collaboration tools that will bring you new agility and business insight.

More efficient 

Being the most important real-time communication channel, Voice results in more efficient and faster decision making. It is also often the main way that you can communicate with your customers, enabling you to resolve problems quickly and efficiently. 

In the competitive environment of today, no organisation can afford to keep its voice communications on outdated, and in some cases unsupported, technology, isolated from all the other communication channels that we now rely on.

New capabilities in business communications 

At the same time, collaboration tools such as Microsoft Teams have brought new capabilities in business communications, knowledge management, and workgroup collaboration. Having achieved huge prominence during the pandemic with the onset of remote working, Microsoft Teams is now highly valued by many organisations for helping their employees work more effectively.

New channels such as chat, video, and audio conferencing are integrated into Teams, providing a single integrated workspace for communications, together with advanced workflow, project management and other collaborative tools.

A key advantage of integrated workflow and communications systems, like Microsoft Teams, is that group members can work from any location and yet still be fully effective, remaining fully in touch with all team activities and projects. That makes it the perfect solution for the new ways of working that lie ahead.

Teams Direct routing 

With Microsoft Teams, it is now possible to completely replace legacy voice systems with full telephony features in Teams. 

Our Voice for Teams platform includes a comprehensive, enterprise-grade product that provides full telephony functionality with service levels 24x7x365 for the largest enterprises. Our solution provides a globally available, feature-rich platform that is proactively monitored for voice quality and possesses unparalleled security.

With so many benefits, Resonate Voice for Teams is ideal for any organisation looking to retire legacy or PBX solutions and migrate from Skype for Business to Microsoft Teams for telephony. It also works well for Office 365 users who want to enable the telephony functionality of Teams, or companies looking to enhance and simplify communications for those working remotely.

Smooth transitions for companies of any size 

Whatever size your organisation happens to be and however many employees involved, we have the experience and expertise to ensure a smooth transition. We have delivered Microsoft voice solutions at scale across a range of industries, including oil & gas, financial services, FMCG and the Public Sector. 

In the energy sector, we have implemented and deployed enterprise voice solutions that have included 150,000 users in over 1,000 sites across 50 countries.

Cost savings of 60% 

In one global project, our Microsoft voice solution resulted in cost savings of 60%. It also led to significant improvements in collaboration, mobility and flexible working; improved knowledge management and business intelligence. The solution included new technologies such as industrial workplace augmented reality (AR) and voice integration with core enterprise business systems.

Major operational and cost benefits 

Moving voice communications to a comprehensive unified communications solution within Microsoft Teams can achieve major cost savings and enhance the agility of your people. It also integrates all the business and customer communications channels on a single, cloud-based platform that is available to users, wherever they are in the world.

Resonate have developed an advanced, comprehensive solution that is designed to allow enterprises of every size to move their voice channels onto Teams efficiently and rapidly, bringing major operational and cost benefits.

Speak to us today 

Our offering has been developed and enhanced over years of working with some of the world’s largest companies in diverse and challenging locations.

Today, we can offer our tried and tested solution to companies that want to move all their communications onto a modern, advanced platform and take advantage of the features and enhanced capabilities of enterprise unified communications.

If you would like to discuss a PBX replacement or integration project, contact us today on  +44 (0)207 8989958 or at and we would be delighted to talk through what we could do for your business.

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