A Global Food Manufacturer

Our client was an American Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) organisation with a global footprint of 272 sites and totalling over 66,000 users. They needed to migrate everyone to a Microsoft Teams only solution before the big switch-off for Skype for Business Online, The client turned to Resonate for support and discussions began with the clock ticking…

Business Challenge

Around 60,000 users were being hosted in Skype for Business Online, of which 20,000 had been enabled for Enterprise Voice. Within 11 months, all of them needed to be migrated to ‘Teams Phone’ before Microsoft switched off Skype for Business online. On top of this, the existing infrastructure of around 200 devices and 4,000 IP phones required significant upgrading and rationalisation. 

Adding to the challenge, we needed to achieve all this with no disruption to the service and minimal inconvenience to the users. Not only was this a major project in terms of scale, we were also right up against the clock.


Our comprehensive readiness assessment identified gaps in the required functionality which were addressed as part of the design.

The customer’s infrastructure was redesigned and upgraded to support Microsoft Teams and consisted of approximately 20,000 users, 300 call queues and auto attendant workflows, 1,200 analogue endpoints, 900 native Teams IP phones, a Nice InContact contact centre, E911 services for 34 US sites, DECT systems, barrier entry systems and factory peripherals.

First, we achieved hybrid Local Media Optimisation to ensure high call quality wherever users were working from. Then, after discussions with key stakeholders in the business, areas for rationalisation were identified. We reduced the infrastructure by more than 20% and decommissioned 40% of the existing licenses, To complete the transition, we used a robust data-driven migration approach with the back of site-based UAT sign-offs and made the necessary updates to operational processes to ensure compliance and efficiencies.


  • Every aspect of the project was completed on or ahead of schedule
  • All 66,000 employees were using Teams only, well before the retirement of Skype for Business Online
  • Despite this momentous transition, there was an increase of less than 2% in operational support tickets in the first few months
  • Our solution achieved 30% savings in operational costs
  • The success of the implementation prompted further PBX removal

Find out more by downloading our Voice for Teams factsheet here.

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